Direct Debit Agreement

This is Your Direct Debit Service Agreement with KIS Group of Companies. It explains what Your obligations are when undertaking a Direct Debit arrangement with us. It also details what our obligations are to You as Your Direct Debit provider. Please keep this agreement for future reference. It forms part of the terms and conditions of Your Direct Debit Request (DDR) and should be read in conjunction with Your DDR authorisation.

‘Account’ means the account held at Your financial institution from which we are authorised to arrange for funds to be debited.
‘Agreement’ means this Direct Debit Request Service Agreement between You and us.
‘Banking day’ means a day other than a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday listed throughout Australia.
‘Debit Day’ means the day that payment by You to us is due.
‘Debit Payment’ means a particular transaction where a debit is made.
‘Direct Debit’ request means the Direct Debit Request between us and You.
‘Us’ or ‘We’ means KIS Group of Companies, (the Debit User) You have authorised by requesting a Direct Debit Request.
‘You’ means the customer who has signed or authorised by other means the Direct Debit Request
‘Your financial institution’ means the financial institution nominated by You on the DDR at which the account is maintained.

1. Debiting Your Account
1.1 – By signing a Direct Debit Request or by providing us with a valid instruction, You have authorised us to arrange for funds to be debited from Your account. You should refer to the Direct Debit Request and this agreement for the terms of the arrangement between us and You.
1.2 – We will only arrange for funds to be debited from Your account as authorised in the Direct Debit Request.
We will only arrange for funds to be debited from Your account if we have sent to the address nominated by You in the Direct Debit Request, a billing advice which specifies the amount payable by You to us and when it is due.
1.3 – If the debit day falls on a day that is not a banking day, we may direct Your financial institution to debit Your account on the following banking day. If You are unsure about which day Your account has or will be debited You should ask Your financial institution.
1.4 – Any dishonoured direct debit will incur a fee of $20 plus GST.

2. Amendments by Us
2.1 We may vary any details of this agreement or a Direct Debit Request at any time by giving You at least fourteen (14) days written notice.

3. Amendments by You
You may change* , stop or defer a debit payment, or terminate this agreement by providing us with at least 30 days notification by writing to:
by telephoning us on 1300 929 669 during business hours;
arranging it through Your own financial institution, which is required to act promptly on Your instructions.

*Note: in relation to the above reference to ‘change’, Your financial institution may ‘change’ Your debit payment only to the extent of advising us KIS Group of Companies of Your new account details.