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iCONSIGNIT questions

How do I create a consignment?

When you are logged into iCONSIGNIT, click on the ‘information’ icon in the bottom left of the screen, this will take you to the training page, with instructional videos and training manuals.

How do I login to iCONSIGNIT?

Click on the green ‘Customer Login’ button in the top right of this page.

How do I add more users to my iCONSIGNIT login?

When you are logged into iCONSIGNIT, click on the ‘information’ icon in the bottom left of the screen, this will take you to the training page, where there is a button to ‘Add New User’

There is no ETA available for my consignment

Please note that whilst we endeavour to have all transit times available, there will be instances where no transit times are available. If you require a transit time urgently, please contact Customer Care on 1300 929 669, email or through LiveChat.

Freight questions

What are carriers standard delivery times?

Carriers deliver within business hours, 9am-5pm. As a rule of thumb deliveries are generally completed in the morning, collections are completed in the afternoon.  If the receiver is not going to be home to sign for the consignment, they can print and fill in the ‘ATL‘ form and leave at the front door for the driver.

What happens if an item is lost or damaged in transit?

KIS is not a common carrier and does not insure goods.  Insurance is available on each consignment sent through our platform, however we recommend the sender organises their own marine transit insurance to cover for any losses or damages.

What is a tailgate delivery?

Tailgate delivery means that the driver will bring the item(s) to the back of the truck and lower the item(s) to the ground.  Please note that carriers have restrictions to the size of an item that can be tailgated, generally anything over 230cm and 1000kg will not be suitable for a tailgate delivery.

What is ‘Dead Weight'’?

Simply, the physical weight of a consignment.

What is ‘Cubic Weight’?

Carriers have to find a happy medium between the size of an item and the weight of an item, this is called the Cubic Conversion Factor.  For instance you may send a box that is 100 x  100 x 100cm that weighs 5kg, although your box only weighs 5kg, it takes up a large amount of space in the truck, therefore you have to be charged accordingly.  You may also send a package that is 15 x 15 x 15cm but weighs 100kg, although your item only takes up a small amount of the truck, it is heavy therefore this needs to be taken into account.

It is important to note that dead weight, cubic weight and charge weight are always rounded up to the next whole kg.

Cubic Weight (Volumetric Weight)

This is based on the volume of the freight, using the below equation:

L(m) x W(m) x H(m) x ‘Cubic Conversion Factor’

eg.  A box with dimensions 40cm x 50cm x 60cm travelling on a service with a 250 cubic will have a cubic weight of 30kg:

0.4 x 0.5 x 0.6 x 250 = 30kg

What is ‘Charge Weight'’?

This is the greater of the dead weight and cubic weight.

eg.  Box 1. 40cm x 50cm x 60cm, weighing 10kg, travelling on a 250 cubic service – charge weight is 30kg (based on volume)

Box 2. 40cm x 50cm x 60cm, weighing 40kg, travelling on a 250 cubic service – charge weight is 40kg (based on dead weight).

KIS questions

Who do I call if I have an enquiry?

KIS handles all Customer Care enquiry’s in house. Simply call 1300 929 669, email or use the live chat feature on our website. One of our friendly team members will be on hand to assist you, no need to waste time on hold, every enquiry is dealt with by a real person.

We have direct contact with specialised customer service teams within the carriers. This essentially skips the queue & ensures the problem is solved in a time effective manner.

How can KIS save me money on my freight?

Put simply, bulk buying power! Because KIS consolidates hundreds of customers freight movements we continually negotiate the best rates and pass them onto you.

How do I set an account up?

Head to our ‘Get Started‘ page, you can either ‘Request a Demo‘ or fill in the ‘Credit Application‘.

Can I organise international freight through KIS?

Yes, KIS can organise International imports and exports.  Please fill in the International Quote Request form and a friendly Customer Care representative will be in touch.

For international air freight you must supply 3 copies of a commercial invoice to the driver, or three copies of the Customs Declaration (if no commercial invoice is available e.g. for samples or gifts)

Can I organise DG freight through KIS?

Yes, KIS can organise freight for Dangerous Goods.  Please fill in the Dangerous Goods form.

For DG freight you must supply all relevant DG information, including a copy of the MSDS to the driver upon collection.