Goods not covered/insured

The full terms, conditions, limits and exclusions are shown in the product disclosure statement (PDS).

  • Refrigerated and/or temperature sensitive or controlled goods (including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines and veterinary products) and/or live/living Goods including plants and flowers, animals of any description and domestic pets;

  • Fragile goods, including: stone slabs/benchtops; glass panels/panes/plates; scientific/laboratory/medical machines and instruments, including X-ray, imaging and diagnostic machines;

  • Audio/visual/data recordings;

  • Works of art, paintings, antiques;

  • Precious metals and stones, jewellery, money (which means any coin or banknote), bullion, cheques, money orders, credit or other card sales vouchers, securities, shares, bonds, deeds, bills of exchange, or any documents that represent money or title;

  • Personally carried, accompanied or checked in luggage/goods;

  • Radioactive or explosive goods, weapons, ammunition;

  • Cigarettes or tobacco products;

  • Relocatable/transportable buildings (not kit form or flat pack)

  • Over dimensional loads;

  • Buses or coaches;

  • Aircraft, aircraft parts or components;

  • Cranes & hoists

  • Goods which are banned, prohibited or otherwise excluded by any law, regulation or statute

  • Any other described as excluded goods on Your Policy Schedule