Adapt or Perish: Survival of the Smartest

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Business and the landscape in which it exists is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the needs and wants of the consumer. It’s an unfortunate truth, but many businesses who aren’t able to respond to the market and pivot as required find themselves going the way of the Dodo and vanishing into oblivion. Even businesses that are household names aren’t immune to changes in consumer behaviour. Take Kodak for example – over 100 years in the market and at one time one of the world’s most valuable brands, but they were unable to respond accordingly to what the market wanted and have all but ceased to exist entirely. (Believe it or not they are the company who invented the first digital camera.) It’s not only knowing what you have, it’s also knowing what to do with it.

How a company responds to change can be the difference between flourishing and barely surviving in a marketplace that is much more fast paced and real-time responsive thanks to the emergence of instant customer feedback. The key that enables some businesses to grow and thrive irrespective of market conditions is their ability to adapt and continue to provide value to their customers when their competitors are failing to do so. KIS Corporate, as a business model is a response to the logistic industries’ need to evolve to better suit the requirements of our customer base and the demands of an industry that is heavily responsive to the latest trends and cutting edge technological advances.

Coming from humble beginnings behind the wheel of a truck as a delivery driver myself for almost a decade, and now in my current role as a Business Development Executive, I have been fortunate to experience both sides of the coin and witness the growth of the industry first hand from multiple vantage points. As many of you who own and operate a business know, the ability to respond quickly to change is crucial, especially in a time when the slightest edge can be a huge competitive advantage and point of difference for your business.

Our online booking platform has been designed with this in mind, levelling the playing field for small businesses by giving them the buying power of big business and the technological advantage (for big and small businesses alike) through the ability to streamline the entire supply chain process. By consolidating everything in one place, with a single point of contact and by giving you access to the largest network of carriers available on a single platform in Australia, we are able to provide you a completely customisable solution tailored to the individual requirements of your business.

Because of our network and the strength of our relationships with the transport companies that we partner with, our system is fluid in its ability to adapt quickly and easily to the most demanding logistic challenges. What this means for you and your business, is that you will have the leading freight management system and expert team in place to ensure that the fate of your business avoids resembling that of the Dodo.


Wade McIntyre

Business Development Manager QLD



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