Movement for Mia

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At KIS we pride ourselves on being able to find solutions to even the most challenging issues when it comes to freight management. However, we cannot do it without a team of support behind us, and the tools to enable us to find these solutions. We rely heavily on our software platform, brilliant team of people in-house, and the support of our carriers and other business partners. This entire network ensures that we can deliver our customers top-notch customer service every day.


It is with this mind, that when our Director recently shared Mia’s story with us, we were determined to help raise awareness and ensure that little Mia was able to have the same support network in her world as we do in our business world.


We were immediately in awe of this fabulous tiny human and the way in which she continues to defy the boundaries she faces as she and her family go on a very-long journey to ensure she fulfils her potential. We believe she has an incredible future ahead of her and want to help!


For the entire month of November we will be running a campaign to support Movement for Mia, in addition to spreading the word about this cause, for the first week in November we will be donating $1 per consignment booked through the KIS portal.


We are asking our loyal customers and partners to match us with a $1 – $5 per consignment contribution or by making a one-off donation* to the cause:


Mia’s story is one of triumph, despite great tragedy, and we urge you to find out more here:


*Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Australia's Silent Killer

Brisbane parents Peter and Amy Wilkinson found out about sepsis in the toughest possible way, and are sharing the story of their little girl Mia.If you would like to donate, please visit

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